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Get Involved


Each Alpha has the opportunity to channel their motivation and frustration into something positive — community outreach. You can make a difference in your own special way and contribute to the betterment of the Alpha-1 Community.

Community Outreach can occur in many different ways:

Start a Support Group

Peer support is vital to all Alphas and family members. You can share your experiences, learn from other Alphas and empower yourself to take charge of your health in a safe environment. Support groups have access to the full resources of the Alpha-1 Association and stand as one voice in the Alpha-1 Community.

If there is no Support Group in your local area, please consider starting a group and becoming a Support Group Leader. A Support Group Leader's primary responsibility is to create a caring, supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere for Alphas to come together. The Leader, along with help from others in the group, will set dates for meetings, locate a place for meetings, and determine topics and/or speakers for meetings.

Create Awareness in Your Community

November is Alpha-1 Awareness Month
Get ready to be active during the month of November! The Alpha-1 Association of Australia are asking the community to get involved in November to spread awareness about Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency. There are many different ways you can participate and we encourage you to at least do one thing! Listed below are some suggested ways to spread awareness:

  • Contact your local newspaper about Alpha-1 Awareness Month (November)
  • Contact a news or health editor about Alpha-1 or a personal story
  • Interview with local TV / radio stations
  • Place a Public Service Announcement with your local radio / TV
  • Share your story on YouTube
  • Write a letter to the Editor about an advocacy issue or on Alpha-1 awareness
  • Speak at a Better Breathers Club or civic/service group on Alpha-1 Association
  • Post information about Alpha-1 on Facebook / Twitter
  • Write a letter about Alpha-1 to your family and friends.
  • Ask your local minister to let you share your personal story about Alpha-1
  • Ask your employer, former employer or your spouse’s employer to publish your story in their newsletter with Alpha-1 signs and symptoms.
  • Provide your physicians with literature about Alpha-1
  • Share information about Alpha-1 at your local community organisations

View Fast Facts on Alpha-1 and How to get Tested

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What do you want the world to know about Alpha-1 ?

If you had an opportunity to share your story with the world, what would you tell them? As part of Alpha-1 Awareness Month, we are looking for a brief 5-minute video about what you want people to know about Alpha-1 based on your experience. We will post the video on our website.

If you would like to submit a video, please contact us.

Help Identify Alphas

It is estimated that more than 90% of individuals living with Alpha-1 have not been diagnosed. You can help identify Alphas by spreading awareness in your local community:


 The AAA has produced an information booklet which contains more detail about A1AD, and a poster for raising awareness. You can access the booklet and poster by clicking on the images below. The poster may be printed locally in A3 or A4 size. Please encourage your family doctor or respiratory physician to put a poster on display in the surgery or patient waiting area! For more information about A1AD, see our Links section.